Community of corporates committed to partnering with startups to meet their clean, green, and sustainability goals.

The Cleantech Council meets monthly to discover startups and innovation across clean, green, and sustainable technologies. Members are forward-looking corporations from a wide variety of industries who are committed to working with new companies, investing in new technologies, and partnering with startups who can help them meet their corporate responsibility goals.

Cleantech Council members review over 100+ new clean, green, and sustainability technologies every year. Request invitations or sign up for our monthly digest.

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Tuesday Jun 11, 2024
9:00 am - 10:30 am PT

Virtual Meeting Room

Corporates and investors from a wide variety of industries across energy, materials, manufacturing, and mobility. who are commited to sustainability meet online this month to review 6 curated startups. The Cleantech Council is a community of tech scouts, partnership execs, and investors who are committed to partnering with startups to meet their clean, green, and sustainability goals.


Wednesday Sep 11, 2024
8:30 am - 12:30 pm PT

Hosted by SRI International, Menlo Park

AI is a transformative technology that comes with a hefty environmental price: the vast energy consumption of data centers. Corporations, telecoms, investors, and environmentalists are looking to the startup community to come up with solutions. Join us to brainstorm ideas and meet some of these cutting edge startups.

Through meetings in Silicon Valley with online access for remote attendees, the Cleantech Council introduces 100+ new companies innovating in clean, green, and sustainability technologies every year. Monthly opportunities to pitch, demo, meet, discover, network and research, plus the occasional marketing opportunity mixed in, allows everyone from multinational corporations to CVCs and startups to get involved.

Hyundai CRADLE

Technology Discovery


“As a supporter of the Cleantech Council, Hyundai CRADLE benefits from the community and from discovering sustainability startups.” – Dr. Takkeun Oh, Head of Open Innovation Group

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Zeon Ventures

New Partnerships


“As a multinational corporation with a diverse business in advanced materials and a philosophy to preserve the earth, Zeon's activity in the Silicon Valley is focused on discovering startups that we can partner with to meet our commitment to sustainability and create innovative new businesses together. At the Cleantech Council, we interact with other corporations with a similar mission to help each other succeed.” — Dennis Clark, Investment Director

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Kanematsu Group

Innovation Ecosystem


“Kanematsu Group is committed to sustainability and Cleantech Council meetings bring like-minded corporates together to introduce startups that that help us all reach our sustainability goals. It’s a win-win for the members and the startups." — Kotaro Sugiyama, President, Kanematsu Ventures

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