Because strategic investors are a critical link in growing the cleantech startup ecosystem and corporate support can be a game-changer for Impact Investing, Cleantech Council includes several ways for CVCs and corporate funds to participate in this community. 

Curated startup introductions:
About 50% of the startups who are selected to present to the Cleantech Council are also fundraising. While, the startup sweet spot for most Cleantech Council corporate members is a Series B company who has made their investment in technology and is ready to trial and deploy, our CVC member delegates will also discover a few Seed and A startups with particularly compelling technology on each agenda.

Community of colleagues:
A core benefit for active Cleantech Council delegates is being part of a global network of strategic investors and tech scout colleagues who are all working across clean, green, and sustainable techhologies. This is why Cleantech Council meetings include time before and after to connect privately with other delegates and long mid-morning breaks with self-introductions and demos to start and build new relationships.

Portfolio promotion:
Investors with companies in their portfolios who are ready to deploy and scale can take advantage of our monthly agendas to introduce their relevant portcos. Priority for speaking slots always goes to members and our community always values referrals from their industry colleagues.

Good Corporate Citizenship: 
As many CVCs know, sometimes the support startups need is not financial, but knowledge and guidance. By being part of this community, you can share your industry knowledge and help point young companies in the right direction with your insight and feedback, even if they aren't the perfect strategic fit for your portfolio. 


Investor members have access to all corporate membership benefits including:

  • Community of Corporates committed to Cleantech 
  • Network of Colleagues scouting startups
  • Monthly Meetings
  • Virtual Meeting room for Remote Access
  • Unlimited Delegates
  • Curated Startup Introductions
  • Historic Startup Research
  • Portfolio Promotion

Investors interested in joining the Cleantech Council community can apply here


Attendance: Investors who are not fully commited to the Cleantech segment, may be more interested in attending our public meetings, which happen in Silicon Valley 3 or 4 times/year. To be invited in the future, join our invitation list.

Hosting: If you have a board room that seats 25 people, hosting a Cleantech Council meeting is a unique way to participate in this community.  For available dates and topics, contact us or apply below.