Annual Membership is open to companies with a demonstrated commitment to cleantech innovation who are actively partnering with and investing in startups and new technology. 

At the core, membership includes a constant flow of curated introductions to new companies, new technologies and new ideas through our monthly meetings. Along with regular curated startup introductions, member delegates benefit from being part of a global network of innovation colleagues working with and supporting clean, green, and sustainable technologies.


Members are an exclusive group of forward-looking corporations from a wide variety of industries who are committed to working with new companies, investing in new technologies, and partnering with startups who can help them meet their clean, green, and sustainable goals. Membership is only open to companies who can demonstrate active and successful startup partnership and investment programs.


Through member-only virtual and in-person meetings, monthly introductions, online & offline networking, networking, research, and public seminars focused on clean, green, and sustainable technology segments, members meet 100s of new potential partner companies each year. Annual membership includes:

  • Curated Introductions: Meet up to 100 highly relevant new technology companies each year
  • Collaborative Community: Highly engaged member community of tech scout and investor colleagues working across cleantech
  • Council Meetings: Free registration to all regular meetings about 15 per year
  • Unlimited Delegates: No limit on how many representatives you send to meetings
  • Remote Access: Members can attend most meetings remotely through our virtual meeting room 
  • Member Library: Keyword searchable database of previous startup presenters and their presentation material


If your company is eligible and ready to apply for membership, use the apply button below. Guest passes may be available for membership-eligible companies who have not yet participated in a member meeting by registering for a future meeting in our online calendar. Contact us to request information on annual dues and a copy of our membership agreement. 

Associate Membership: Companies with special circumstances who do not fit corporate membership may participate as an Associate Member with limited benefits.