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This lunch meeting on sustainable fuels brings together companies working on fuel technologies and companies eager to put them to use. Our Roundtables start with presentations from relevant startups, rolls into an unpanel which involves everyone, includes demo and meeting tables for companies looking to start conversations, and ends with a networking lunch.

  • Date: 08/17/2023 10:30 AM
  • Location Mayfield in Menlo Park (Map)
  • More Info: Remote Access available to members; instructions after registration

Price: $200



Silicon Valley, California, August 18, 2023/Meeting Recap/  Our Roundtable on Sustainable Fuels successfully convened a diverse group of companies and stakeholders at Mayfield in Menlo Park this month.  Aimed at fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among innovative startups working on fuel technologies, and companies eager to implement these advancements, the presentations from startups to an audience of VCs and corporate technology purchasers set the stage for important business engagement.

The meeting kicked off with rapid-fire quick pitch sessions from startups and inventors in the sector of sustainable fuel development. Attendees gained valuable perspectives on emerging technologies, production processes, and potential applications of sustainable fuels. We learned of several ways of making, storing, moving, and using Hydrogen, as well as aluminum-air batteries, methanol, ammonia, and SAF (sustainable aviation fuel.)

One of the unique things Cleantech Council brings is an "unpanel" session, a dynamic and interactive discussion format that involved all participants. Unlike a traditional panel, where a few individuals speak while others listen, the unpanel starts with a series of questions and comments from the audience, which are then prioritized and tackled by the panelists, while the room is encouraged to offer open dialogue among everyone present. This format led to a vibrant exchange of ideas, diverse viewpoints, and collaborative problem-solving. Some of the salient outcomes:

  • Climate will get worse before it gets better
  • Electrify everything won’t work. Too many things are hard to electrify, but still, we should do as much as possible
  • Hydrogen will play a key role, because even if we shift to sustainable gasoline, SAF, methanol, or ammonia, it will still have hydrogen as a key input
  • The current methods of making and working with H2 will improve. They physics can’t change, but the processes have lots of room for improvements.

The Unpanel Roundtable discussion facilitated meaningful conversations, enabling companies interested in adopting sustainable fuels to explore potential partnerships, investments, and collaborative projects with the startups. Although the discussion revealed many hurdles and roadblocks, the general mood was optimistic, because so many methods are being created to work around roadblocks, and jump over the hurdles. Thus, the roundtable concluded on a positive note, upon which we rolled into a networking lunch, providing participants with an opportunity to further connect and build relationships. This patio setting encouraged additional discussions, the exchange of contact information, and the initiation of potential collaborations that could drive the sustainable fuel industry forward. Thanks to our hosts at Mayfield Fund, and our unpanel discussion expert, Nick Macilveen, Managing Director at Embarcatec.

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