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This lunch meeting brings together companies working on new water technologies and companies eager to put them to use. Our Roundtables start with presentations from relevant startups, rolls into an unpanel which involves everyone, includes demo and meeting tables for companies looking to start conversations, and ends with a networking lunch.

  • Date:02/06/2024 10:30 AM
  • Location Mayfield in Menlo Park, CA (Map)
  • More Info:Remote Access available to members; instructions after registration




Silicon Valley, California, February 26, 2024/Meeting Recap/  February is a wet month in California, so what better time to spotlight the critical challenges facing our water resources and the innovative solutions addressing them?

The Cleantech Council hosted a Roundtable Lunch on Water Technologies on February 6, 2024, at Mayfield Fund in Menlo Park, CA. The event aimed to bring together companies working on innovative water technologies and those interested in utilizing them, either in-house, to meet sustainability goals, or as an investment. Key attendees included representatives from energy & utility companies, materials & chemical companies, mobility & automotive companies, as well as cleantech & greentech investors.

We enjoyed a series of brief, condensed presentations from startups focusing on various aspects of water technology, including water generation, monitoring, oil separation, conservation, production, maintenance, and stewardship. As always, our casual meetings encourage attendees to engage in our facilitated discussion, share demos, and network over lunch.

As just one example of our startups, Global Water Farms can help stakeholders secure fresh water from brackish sources using a low-temperature thermal desalination process, powered by renewable solar energy, and which produces no effluent waste stream, but instead a solid salt byproduct.

As all of our Cleantech meetings, the morning provided a platform for participants to discover emerging technologies, build partnerships, and contribute to a sustainable future. For our members who would like to follow up, presentations are available in the Member’s Library.