In 2022, Carbon Markets are broken. In 2030, Carbon Markets are projected to be worth $50B (McKinsey, Jan 2021). Put these together and you get both a perfect challenge for a tech startup and a massive opportunity for investors to make money and make a difference. Today's experts, roundtable participants, and startup presenters will focus on this massive global opportunity.

  • Date: 12/08/2022 11:00 AM
  • Location: Mayfield, Menlo Park, CA (Map)

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Cleantech Council members and guests gather monthly to review new technologies and a handful of new clean, green, and sustainability companies and solutions coming out of the technology industry's entrepreneurial community across the globe.

This month, the Cleantech Council reviews the innovation coming from giant corporates, side-by-side with new technologies coming from startups and consortia, being pulled by policy and governments around the world to make sure Carbon Markets deliver on their promises. 

Business and technology innovation in Carbon Markets is heating up as more and more companies set ESG goals that include reducing carbon emissions and other negative climate impacts. Innovation is not just coming from giant corporations like Salesforce with their new Carbon Credit Marketplace, its coming from startups and consortia, being pushed by policy and governments around the world to make sure Carbon Markets deliver on their promises. 


Closed on Nov 18

For this meeting, we are looking for companies, experts, startups and investors working on some of the challenges in Carbon Markets. We invite companies working on solutions in these segments to apply:

  • carbon capture
  • carbon storage
  • carbon trading
  • carbon offsets 

This agenda is full, but startups and experts are encouraged to apply for future agendas here.


Link to live attendee list above

Regular participants include tech scouts, innovation strategy, partnership executives and corporate development delegates from:

  • Energy & Utility companies 
  • Materials & Chemical companies 
  • Mobility & Automotive companies
  • Cleantech & Greentech investors