Innovation in the automotive industry spans the 4 CASE segments: Connectivity, Autonomy, Shared, Electric. New technologies in one segment lead to innovation in others. This meeting looks at the latest changes and startups across the mobilty industry, with an agenda heavy on demos and networking.

  • Date: 04/05/2023 08:30 AM
  • Location: Analog Devices, in San Jose, California, USA (Map)
  • More Info: Members have the option of remote attendance.

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The Cleantech Council community is invited join the Autotech Council in April to review innovation and startups across the mobility industy's 4  major technology segments: C-connected, A-autonomous, S-shared, E-electric vehicles.

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While the Call for Speakers and Demos closed in January, companies with innovation technology to share can rent a Meeting/Demo Table, or add a Rapid Fire Pitch when they register.


There’s no doubt that the main thrusts of innovation in the automotive mobility space are CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electric). Each of the four bears its own pace & challenges, but each also represents important fundamental shifts in how cars are made, and what they can do. And there’s a synergy among the various components of CASE, each helping the others along. When trends converge, things move fast.

At this meeting on CASE, Autotech Council looks at some of the changes and innovations brought on in each category of CASE. Expect to hear about things like:

  • 5G networks, low latency features
  • V2x connections, and cloud-based services
  • Level 3 autonomy improvements, ADAS
  • The success stories of shared car services, contrasted with the challenges of shared micro-mobility
  • The features unlocked by electrification, new battery technology, V2grid

There is a tremendous amount of innovation underpinning CASE. And each letter is supporting and a catalyst for the others. That’s a lot of wind blowing into the sails from one direction, so expect the ship to sail fast. Join us as we discuss the components of CASE, and as we look at innovators in those categories.